As a Mormon Relief Society President, part of my job was to assist the Bishop and the Welfare Committee in meeting needs of our ward members. Prescriptions are a very common need. Every church welfare worker or home teacher and visiting teacher needs to be aware of these programs. There is no need for any of our brothers and sisters to go without medication.

Walmart and some other pharmacies now offer the most common drugs for a low fixed rate. Check this list first to see if your medication is listed.

For other medications, the pharmaceutical companies, themselves, offer either discounts or entirely free medications.

One young father of seven who later had his colon removed needed $1200 of medications each month. He was so sick he could not work and they did not have insurance. His wife was a dear friend. When I found out they were going without his medications, I hooked her up with these programs below. Her husband received an overnight package with a three-month supply of medication, worth thousands of dollars, within two days of applying, absolutely free, no co-pay. We were flabbergasted and extremely grateful.

In 2004, 65% of uninsured Americans met typical prescription assistance program income guidelines. Unfortunately, most do not know such programs exist and so they go without medications.

Note: You will find some websites where you need to pay a fee for their assistance. Do not use those websites. You can do this yourself.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance
Don’t go to the .org site, go to the .com site. It’s free. This site contains low-income prescription assistance news beyond just what the pharmaceuticals offer.

Free Antibiotics

Publix supermarkets and Meijer department stores have a free antibiotics program. Publix stores are located in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee. Meijer stores are located in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky. You can learn more on the NeedyMeds website.

Drug Cards

For the “working poor”, those who may not qualify for the programs above, there are many discount prescription card programs. You can find a listing of these programs at the NeedyMeds website.


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