Once you become aware that you can find help for just about anything, the trick is to find it.

Let me show you how to perform some basic Google searches in a very effective way so that you can zero in on assistance programs.

First, know the right keywords to use. You will want your search always to include “low-income” or “welfare” or “homeless” or “uninsured” or “elderly” or “senior”.

You will want to search within your locale. Start with your city, then your county, then your state, and also search using the word “federal” to see if there are any government, nationwide programs for you.

Then use the type of assistance you are seeking. It might be prescription assistance, emergency medical care, dental care, tooth extraction, transportation, eyeglasses, hearing aids, dentures… that sort of thing.

Now, string them together in your search box BUT enclose phrases in quotes and put a plus sign in front of the word or phrase. Put your locality first, then your help term, then the “low income” words. This focuses the search in the right way.


  • +aurora +colorado +”hearing aid” +”low income”
  • +kingswood +texas +”job training” +”low income”
  • +edmund +oklahoma +”utility assistance” +elderly

Step through the results to see if they either show you what you need OR give you additional ideas as to keywords to use.


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