An estimated 8.3 million children in the United States are uninsured.  And it’s a fact:  Uninsured kids do not receive routine healthcare.

 Let’s make sure that all of the kids on our watch can get an earache or a sore throat taken care of before it gets bad.

  1. Medicaid.  Children of mothers or parents on welfare are usually eligible for Medicaid.  I would always ask these families to have an assessment interview with their county social services to rule out whether or not they can get Medicaid (or food stamps, for that matter).  So many people who are eligible never even apply, so give it a try.
  2. State-sponsored programs.  Many states have special low-cost insurance programs just for children and youth.  I will list them as I find them.
  3. List of State-sponsored programs.  Here is a list of all the states with links to Childrens Health Insurance Programs from

Updated: December 31, 2007


2 Responses to “Healthcare – Children”

  1. Herwin Says:

    I am concerned about the Obama Healthcare Plan. Can it create bad reprocussions to my parents expenses? How do the positives overshadow the bad changes?

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