Keeping in mind that the theme of this Welfare Resources section is to help people become self-sufficient WITHIN THE WELFARE SYTEM — that is, there are needy people among us who may never entirely be able to pull themselves out of poverty or financial difficulties — these are the first places I would teach people to go when they need help. – For those over age 55, extremely comprehensive, includes evaluating their eligibility for supplemental income programs, Medicaid, food stamps, prescription medications, Section 8 housing, and so forth. – United Way is an association of many agencies. You can find anything here from transportation to medical appointments to food banks to utility assistance to medical and dental care to battered women’s shelters. This link takes you to the national organization, and from there, drill down into your state.

Sometimes a local newspaper or television news station will compile a list of community resources. Be sure to check this one, they may find resources that other listings don’t include.

9News Community Resources – Denver Colorado area


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