If the patient is hospitalized or receiving treatment through a hospital, get in touch with a social worker at the hospital.  They can often move the patient to the top of wait lists for housing, etc. and will have hands-on resources.

1.  Colfax Community Network — Their focus is to help people get out of motels along Colfax.  They may know resources to help Rebecca get housing in a medical situation.
They are located in the basement of that Presbyterian Church on Kingston, just behind the Popeye’s Chicken. 
1585 Kingston St.
Aurora, CO 80010
303-360-9175 Tel.
303-360-0627 Fax.
2.  Hospice care may be an option. 
3.  Mikaela Foundation — Helps uninsured breast cancer patients in Colorado BUT many of the resources on this page are for uninsured cancer patients, period.
4.  FAST — !! Very important !!  Financial Aid Screening Tool to help uninsured cancer patients find financial resources in Colorado.
5.  Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers


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