The purpose of this blog is to help people become self-sufficient NOT in terms of employment and income, but in terms of getting their needs met WITHIN the welfare system.  That’s because we live in very difficult times and need people to find their own food and medical and shelter resources as quickly as they can.

It’s all about helping people to become self-sufficient within their own context.

I think of  one young couple who lived on $179 per month. They hadn’t made it through the Social Security Disability system. Neither has a high school diploma or GED.  It’s not likely that they will ever be able to work full-time.

Part of helping them become self-sufficient included helping them work through the indigent medical system, find free prescription assistance, find utility and transportation and housing assistance, and meet requirements for government food assistance.

I think also of someone who was unemployed long enough to run out of unemployment benefits.  The answer for them is to help them learn how to find food, shelter, medical, and legal assistance as well as how to help them retool for a new line of work.

It’s all about self-sufficiency in a new world.


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