Teresa at PianoHi, I’m Teresa Holladay.  I served as a Mormon ward Relief Society President during 2004 and 2005.  People ask me all the time what my resources are for prescriptions and healthcare.  I thought I’d put it on this blog so more of you can easily get at them.

While most welfare efforts are geared towards a self-sufficiency that teaches people to work and provide for themselves, there are those who will never be able to do that.

They may be elderly or disabled. Or they may come from abusive and addicted backgrounds. Or, it may simply be that their needs are urgent and the jobs and benefits are not available in this time of crisis.

In any event, the focus for these folks is often to help them learn to become self-sufficient WITHIN the welfare system.

So here are my resources.


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  1. Dustin Says:

    For CICP(colorado indigent care program) is there a premium you have to pay to be on it and do you have to file taxes any differently if enrolled in it? Im not sure if you know but i was just wondering. Thank you.

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