Here is an email I sent to someone in my church who asked for my resource booklet.  I used to give out Help in the Winter but the people who created that guide are no longer maintaining it and have removed the link.  Very sad, but I understand how hard it must be to maintain a guide like that.

Here’s my email, and I will try to compile my own variation of “Help in the Winter”, a pdf-printable copy that you can easily download and share.

Remember, the goal is SELF-SUFFICIENCY WITHIN THE SYSTEM.  It’s impossible for church and family to help with all needs.  We’re just trying to help people learn the many very real resources that are out there to help them in the community and the government.


The site that maintained the Help in the Winter Guide is no longer maintaining that resource and I don’t have a copy on this computer.  HOWEVER, 9News maintains a very similar guide, so I am sending you PDFs of two of the 9News guides and one from MetroCareRing.

[The links are:
I can see that I need to take some time to compile a Word document with all of these resources, so I’ll do that hopefully this weekend.
In the meantime, here you go, this will get you started.
Also, I *always* sit down with people and run them through, especially if they are elderly, disabled, or single parents.  It takes about 30 minutes and they will need income info.  But at the end, it lets you know State and Federal programs that they might be eligible for, as well as Prescriptions.
Speaking of Rx, my resource for that is   I can usually find Rx programs for people if they don’t have Medicare or VA benefits;  pain meds are the notable exception but don’t give up until you’ve checked.
For medical, I send people to the MCPN clinics found throughout Aurora and Denver.  It’s a sliding scale medical service — they do not handle anything orthopedic.  The other good resource is the Caritas Clinic at St Joseph’s Hospital.  I send ALL medical problems to them.  They treat people very well and don’t dismiss health concerns, also a sliding fee.
For true life or death emergencies, any ER will do (although you will get a bill).  Otherwise, UCH (Fitzsimmons) and Denver General are pretty much the only hospitals that will take uninsured and charge on a sliding fee or set them up on Colorado Indigent Care Program (CICP).  
I’ll see if I can put together my comprehensive list since Help in the Winter is now gone.